The Whole Home Filter is the solution to water filtration needs in your home

Discover the benefits of WHF

The Whole Home Filter (WHF) is a solution to water filtration needs in your home. They can be used as both Point of Entry (POE) as well as Point of Use (POU) device. They are ideal to be used as a Point of Entry device at seasonal camps and can be installed in small spaces like kitchen as a POU device.

WHF is a pre-assembled two stage filtration system which includes two 20″ Big Blue filter housing connected in series on a bracket. 20″ sediment cartridge for the reduction of sediment and a 20″ carbon cartridge for the reduction chlorine taste and odor from the water are provided with the system to be installed inside the filtration sumps.

WHF also includes shut-off ball valves, mounted pressure gauges for pressure drop monitoring, mounting hardware and wrench for ease of installation.

The filter housings are manufactured of a durable polypropylene, have excellent chemical resistance and are ideal for many residential, commercial and industrial applications.

WHF will reduce:

• Rust Particles

• Iron (insoluble)

• Sediment, Bad Taste and Odor

• Chlorine Taste and Odor

• Pre-RO Filtration


• Two ¾” Big Blue Housings connected in series and mounted on a bracket.

• Pre-assembled system, saving installation time

• Inlet/Outlet Ports – ¾” NPT

• High Capacity 20 Micron Sediment Filter (20″) so sediment reduction

• High Capacity 10 Micron Carbon Filter (20″) for chlorine taste and odor reduction

• Maximum Flow Rate – 10 GPM

• Max Inlet Pressure – 100 psi

• Water Temperature Range – (4.4º C to 62.8º C)

• Maximum Dimension – 16″ x 9″ x 27″

• Pressure Gauges (0 to 100 psi) installed at inlet and outlet of the unit for pressure drop monitoring of the device. High pressure drop indicates that the replacement filters needs to be changed.

• Ball Valves included in the accessories for ease of operation

• Sump Wrench for ease of installation of cartridge filters

• System Mounting Hardware included

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